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Welcome to Next Step with Passion and Purpose!  Success for athletes goes beyond college acceptance. Empathetic leaders recognize that change can put young people in crisis when stepping foot on a college campus. Acknowledging the emotional hurdles during the shift from home to collegiate athletics addresses what a student-athlete is losing and prepares them for the change ahead. Supporting individuals through transitions, rather than merely pushing forward, is crucial for the change to unfold as intended.  


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This program is a step-by-step system designed to equip young women and men for the challenges of college life as athletes. This preparation not only mitigates the potential chaos of a new beginning but also aims to reduce instances of student-athletes feeling overwhelmed, homesick

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We delineate six crucial subjects for initial preparation, guiding student-athletes in effectively navigating and executing Next Step strategies to surmount obstacles.

As demands and stressors increase, so do commitments, social pressures, doubts, time management challenges, and opportunities for success and failure. It's imperative to mentally and psychologically prepare for all that lies ahead.





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Things turn out best for the people who make the best of the way things turn out.” – John Wooden

I'm Willette White, the CEO of Next Step with Passion and Purpose! With 36 years of experience as a NCAA Power 5 basketball coach and Director of Administration and Operations, I've dedicated my career to serving student athletes and their families. Upon retiring from Women's Basketball in 2019, I sought to continue this mission in a new and exciting capacity.

As you're aware, many parents and their student athletes encounter situations that can prove costly during the transition process. You may have heard discouraging stories about the challenges and pitfalls, but I've developed a program to help mitigate these issues. Drawing from my extensive background as an athlete, coach, and administrator, this program offers solutions, tools, and strategies to navigate such situations effectively.

I'd be honored to be a part of your journey.


If I can assist you in any way, please don't hesitate to contact me below or click the "Get started" button above to book a consultation.

“Moving from high school to college is very challenging especially when you have to leave everything behind. […] It was very stressful, but this program helped me figure out ways I could manage it. With this program I covered every topic you could possibly think about when it comes to being a student athlete. Having these conversations showed me outlets and ways I could cope with struggling. [It] also taught me a lot about time management and ways to motivate myself.” NCAA Collegiate Women's Basketball Player

"Willette has been instrumental during the recruitment process for our daughter. As anyone with a student athlete can attest, the life of a student athlete and the recruitment process is not easy. I have been able to rely on Willette for guidance, advice and sometimes just as someone to "hear" me when I felt like I was being unheard.  Willette's passion for helping young athletes and their families is unmatched.  As we continue through the recruitment process and begin the transition from high school to college, I look forward to having Willette assist us in navigating all the ups, downs, and unknowns."  Mother of Future Collegiate Basketball Player

"I have been working with Willette for the past month or so.  I have appreciated the space she creates for me to process, think and decide my own course of action.  Her questions lead to greater understanding and clarity for my objectives. I highly recommend Willette if you want to feel safe, empowered, heard, and appreciated will navigating your changes, transitions and challenges in your personal or professional life"  Client in Transition


Fill out the information below, click the submit button and download the "Top 8 Concerns for Parents during their Student Athletes Transition to College Athletics"


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