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Student Athletes

I understand beyond mere speculation, and I have witnessed for 36 years the pitfalls that student athletes experience.  Next Step creates a partnership, a connection to authentically invest, serve and equip you with the proper tools for effective transitional planning.  


Next Step allows parents to gain the necessary insight and engagement during their child's and their own transition.  I will help you discover, examine and transmit the knowledge gained to provide a smoother transition to the college experience.


The 6 week content is developed from critical topics that are essential to lasting success in the classroom and your sport.  The content refinforces, provides clarity and helps alleviate the unknowns and turns strategies into action for student athlete and parents before the transition period is upon you.


With the transition period being so critical, Next Step will allow student athletes to gain an undeniable early, competitive advantage leading into an ambitious college environment.  With a collaborative effort parents will understand the unknowns and be guided through their own transition.  The program doesn't end after 6 weeks, we provide a support system during the transition phase.

The athletes world is not just navigating the academics and athletics, it's navigating that, and a world of unseen and unknown realities.  What You Don't Know Can Hurt You, This is why Next Step was developed!!!


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