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Congratulations on making it this far through the process

As you know from watching this video, we take great pride in helping young women and their parents in the recruiting and transition process.

But this opportunity is not about finding a job, it is about finally creating a road map for your daughter to play collegiately and preparing her and you for the overwhelming transition to the next level. 

The only thing holding you back is having a customized blueprint to help your daughter gain opportunities to play collegiately.

With that being said, I invite you to schedule a call with me, where I will map out a specific game plan based on your needs.

This short 15 minute call with cost you nothing and it will give you the clarity you need to have preparation and a plan around the recruiting process. 


Willette White

I have watched the video and I understand that I am not applying for a job BUT it's an opportunity to help get my daughter to the next level and thrive.  

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